What does Amazon do with returns?

When purchasing a product online, it is fairly typical for the consumer to return it if it doesn’t meet their needs, is broken, or is the wrong size, as is the case with clothing and accessories. Have you ever returned something you bought on Amazon because you weren’t happy with it? What happens to returns, … Read more

What does Amazon fulfillment center do?

Amazon is one of the leading and trusted eCommerce companies in the world. The company is based out of the United States but has operations worldwide. What is an Amazon Fulfillment Center? An Amazon Fulfillment Center is like an Amazon warehouse where orders are received from customers through the online application, stored, packed, and shipped … Read more

What does a fulfillment associate do at Amazon?

Amazon.com is a company that needs no introductions and is a part of every household in the United States and many locations across the globe. Ever wonder, where is this whole marketplace that ships products to all locations, who runs this place? So, this place is called Amazon Fulfilment Center. What is a Fulfillment Center … Read more